Monday, November 29, 2010

Mr. Football

It was our privilege, today, to go with Kyle to the 2010 Tennessee Titans Mr, Football Awards Luncheon. Kyle was one of three chosen for the Best Kicker in the State. Kyle is a junior and was up against two seniors. He ran a very close race for the award. It was a tremendous honor to have been a finalists. Louis and I enjoyed the delicious luncheon and meeting Kyle's coach. Way to go Kyle!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Two Special Birthdays

My two special sons, Chad and Rob, both share December Birthdays. We have decided to take this weekend and celebrate since we will all be together. What a blessing they each have been to me and I pray God's watch and care for them and that they will always be there for each other through all that life will bring. I love you, sons. Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crown Found

32 years ago, a prince of a boy, thought his Mother deserved a crown for Christmas. Rob, is known for special and thoughtful gift giving, and this special Christmas is when it started. He wanted his Mom to have a crown and you can tell by his eyes that he was proud of his gift. Over the years, whether or not, he still thought I was worthy of his crown, I have proudly worn it each Christmas . During our move, two years ago, I thought I had lost one of my most valued memories and today I was tearfully surprised to find the crown my son gave me so long ago. The tradition will live on and the memory of that special moment is one of my most treasured.