Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day

OLD Glory has always stirred my soul and I have always dreamed of draping a flag over the banister for the world to know that we are Americans and God has truly blessed our land.  Now more than ever we need to display our flag and our love for country.     Memorial Day week end brought Mom, Merry and Geraldine to Springland  and Louis some R and R on the porch.  God Bless America!!!

Decoration Sunday

Can't believe that another year has gone by and we were back to Jones Hill to remember!  Of course, Mom had already been to put beautiful flowers on Dad's grave and Leigh made sure her Mother's was just as pretty.  Hugh, Natalie, Mom and Louis met at the Depot for a great lunch which Louis needed since he had push six babies on nursery duty at church.  What a man!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Looking Back

Louis and I went to Warsaw, Kentucky, Saturday, for Louis's 51st reunion.  I am still in amazement how God put us together and our back grounds are so similar.  Small town, family importance, town close by called Sparta, and love of country and family.   I  left for an hour from the reunion and went to the places that was so much apart of Louis's life.  The first picture is the home of Judge Ward Yager, Louis's grandfather. The second and third picture is the home of Harold Brown.  Named after her father and was the  best friend of Honey.  I went by to see her and she wasn't home.  She is as precious as Honey was. .She lives on the Ohio river in a beautiful old home.  The next picture is Louis's Great grandmother's home.   The tomb stone is Louis's name sake.  His   grandfather and grandmother.  They are buried in a beautiful cemetery in back of Louis and his Dad's church, St Joesph Catholic Church.   That is a picture of the church.  The next picture is Honey's church, The Christian Church. Louis's Great Grandfather, was pastor there.   The cemetery  is right in town, within walking distance of Louis's home place.  You will see the Gutting monument where Louis and I will be buried if I don't back out and go to Jones Hill!!!! Louis 's home is next with the court house  across the street where Judge Yager was Judge 33 years.  You will see a gray building were Nesbitt Spencer Gutting, Louis's father, had his grocery store.  (another similarity).  The square is so sweet and across the street from the grocery is a little park.  The Ohio River is directly behind the court house.  Then there is pictures of the reunion.  I found out so many special things about my husband.  He was precious with all his classmates and because he was President of his class he read a poem called Reunion,  that brought tears and laughter.  All in all it was a good day and I met people so it want be so hard to go out of state to be burried!! 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Allie, Rushed to Dr. Tate

Allie some how broke her toe and Louis, the caregiver that he is, takes care of her every need.   In dog years she is 91.  She should mend in 2 weeks with cast.  Keep her in your prayers.  We love this dog!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


These pictures aren't in any order of the happenings around Springland this week end, but maybe you can get a sense of a special graduation and a very special Mother's Day with all my family home. Note the sixth picture. Abby sent a message on top of her graduation hat that not only said a lot, but helped us find her in the mist of all those graduates. This was also a first. I had my very on Queen Mum all night on Mother's Day. Abby was showered with many friends and lots of things for her new class room. Of course, Uncle Ken, being an educator his self, saw to it she had a very special gift that will give her class room history from the Floyd side of the family. Thank you all for notes and gifts of encouragement and congratulation. She is going to be a wonderful teacher.

Note cushions and pillows on back porch.  Our very own Natalie did a beautiful job making this old wicker look better.  She is amazing!!