Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and more

Starting from the bottom picture, you will see that Springland has been a fun place the last two weeks. Louis has been doing honey do's everywhere. He has even checked all 5 chimney's for Santa's big day. Mother came out for a little R and R and I had Sarah, Laura and Esther wash windows. We had 3 days of landscaping done and praying Louis's grass seed comes up before old man winter really sets in. Last Saturday, Gaege, pops in for a few hour visit while his Dad and Kyle headed out for a men's night out. Wednesday night brought Chad , Lisa and Gaege back for a 2 night stay. Thanksgiving morning, Rob brings a friend, Felley, for 8:00 breakfast and introduced her to football. It
is great to have all my kids home for Thanksgiving. They all chipped in to get the nativity out of the attic and helped erect it around Louis's new stable he built. Felley, has been here for less than 3 weeks and we all tried to explain why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Gaege, went looking for a place to mine for rock. He was all equipped with welding visor and an archaeologist hammer. A precious and unique grandchild, I have. He is my star as you will see in the picture. Lisa , Chad and Geage, left Friday morning and late Friday night the Sabonis-Chaffee and the Regas's plus Mom, came to spend the night. This happens very rarely, but when it does, its always a treat. Thank you Merry for letting me share your children and see what it's like to have 5 grand children!! Now, let's get to checking off our list for the rest of the month. Life is G O O D!!!