Saturday, May 15, 2010


Louis and I hosted Grace's 4th Birthday party. All we had to do was watch. So Cinderella and sweet little princess's over took Springland in a whimsical perfect day. The prince of the party was a six week old colt that won everyone's hearts.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Flood

8 hours and 150 miles, was for no avail when trying to get to Memphis during the beginning of the worse flood, I think, since Noah's. Springland's grounds was hit pretty hard and three trees were down. This week end was surly one to remember, but we are so thankful for getting home safely.

Spiritual Marker for Gaege

Our Precious, grandson, Gaege, was baptized today and was, in his words, very eager to follow Jesus in believers baptism. Gaege has no apologies in saying Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior and our prayer for him is that he will never forget his eagerness to let Him lead him in his life. We are so proud of you, Gaege.