Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebration of 10 Wonderful years

On our anniversary, we quietly slipped off to Sewanee, Tennessee to revisit the place we were married. Louis and I both will agree that this passed decade has been the best of our lives. We sit in amazement of the love we have found and God's blessings on us as He orchestrated our meeting. Louis has shown my children and I what selfless and unconditional love is and how sweet everyday life can be. In 2001, just in time for our wedding, Louis found, on a mountain top in Tennesse , the place we called "The Falls" because of the huge 3 stage waterfall that started at our front door and ended at the bottom of the gorge. The beauty of this place will never be forgotten and as Kate, my niece, so beautifully wrote in the poem she penned and recited for our wedding "the Thundering of the waterfalls", was heard all over the property. Working and trying to keep 2 homes was more than we wanted to handle so, reluctantly, we sold the Falls after 4 years of pleasure and adventure. Louis, then set out to design and build, Springland. His heart was again set to give his bride an unique and new adventure, which indeed it has been. As we celebrate Memorial Day, I will share our 1st display of the American Flag at Springland. Also, the entrance, bluff view, garden spot and porch at the Falls where we married. There is a glimpse of the waterfall in one picture, but the beauty of the Falls could never be captured on film. Finally, a picture of my wonderful husband with all his charm and wit. Louis and I thank God for his blessings on our country and for His hand on our lives. We pray for His continued protection of America and for many more years together. As Louis says, he is asking for 20 more years with an option for another 20. I love this Man!