Monday, January 7, 2013

Another sweet Day to Remember

In 2004, my grandson, Gaege was going to be riding with my daughter in law, Lisa on the YMCA Float in the Boro's Christmas Parade.  Hugh, Louis and I decided to be the Secret Service and try to keep up with Dad who was determined to get to the Parade from his home on Church Street in his electric motor chair.  So we ran along side of him and had a great day at the parade!  Dad always liked being where the action was!!  If I remember right, it was hard to keep up with him.  So many sweet moments with my Dad to remember!!!!                                            

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas combined with my Boys Birthdays

 Sometime, with out of town children, you have to combined celebrations.  So on Saturday after Christmas, we were able to all be together for Christmas!  My boys, have December Birthdays so we combined them with Christmas and had a wonderful get together.  Then on New years eve, we went to Nashville airport to watch Gaege and Kyle open there Christmas presents from Lulu and Julu.  Flights lessons were a big hit and that afternoon, gun lessons from our own distinguished, expert marksman, Chad.  Gaege's good friend, Jackson, was in all all the happenings!

Happy Birthday, Rob!!

Sometimes you just want to say Happy Birthday in a special way.  Rob, my handsome and unique son is one that keeps us on our toes.  His style and humor is always our joy and blessings.  We love you, Rob .