Friday, January 29, 2010

Springland in the snow

Last night, we unexpectedly picked up Gaege for the week end. In anticipation for the snow, we went and ran a few errands and got a hair cut for Gaege, this morning. Then, the expected snow hit and we decided to get home fast because road conditions were getting bad. After counting our blessing for not sliding off the road, we enjoyed a wonderful day looking at Springland through the beauty of the snow. Topping it off with snow cream, that Mom and Dad had always made for us, we settle down for a long winters night and thanking God for such a wonderful day and asking God's comfort and mercy for Chad and Lisa as they go visit Lisa's sister who is so seriously ill.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

This Christmas had many special moments for me, but as I look back over the pictures, I have to say, the special feelings I have for my grandchildren makes me wish I had 10 more. I see these boys growing so fast that Louis and I fear we will awaken soon to a Christmas with men instead of children. I look back at Kate and Abby and how they have grown from those adorable little girls to beautiful women in such a short time. So, as I reflect on the days of our lives that speed to quickly into old age, I thank God for children and the love they bring to our hearts. How blessed we are with grandchildren.