Monday, January 10, 2011

A Very Full Month!

We will start this blog with a beautiful winter 4 " snow that kept me home instead of the full day that was planned. Abby, Louis and I had great fun sledding and making our own "Frosty the Snowman". Sunday, was spent with Mom, reluctantly taking down the tree for her. Somehow, it is always hard to take down a tree that has such sweet memories of Christmas and Christmas's past. The picture of the sleigh on our porch is Dad's contribution to my Christmas's the past 27 years. Without him it would never had been restored. It, too, is hard to put away after the holidays so we have kept it out for the winter snows. Our Christmas at home was some what sad because Rob, Chad, Lisa, Kyle and Gaege couldn't be here, but we made it Ok by sharing Christmas week end with Felly, Rob's good friend from Thailand, who found great pleasure and appreciation in all that Christmas holds. We also got the gift of a white Christmas and Mom spending the night with us, Christmas Eve. Yes, the past 4 weeks were full of cooking, a lot of grandmother's boil custard, shopping, decorating, wrapping and family and friends. What better Christmas gift and blessing is that.