Monday, April 20, 2009

Abby, Flowers, Mom and Turkeys

Abby is almost to the big day. Graduating from College!!!!! We are already celebrating with a beautiful arrangement of flowers and final details for graduation open house.  Abby is busy working on lesson plans, having interviews. taking test,  and even cooking for Louis while I was away.  What a women.   Mom came for overnight and Monday morning, brought 5 turkeys to Springland.  Life is full and very interesting. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Such a great Easter

The Anderton's arrived about 11 pm, Good Friday, after a terrible day for Murfreesboro with lives and homes being destroyed.   Reminding us of the brevity of life, but the hope of Easter.  The week end was full and all I was missing was my son, Rob.  Then it would have been complete.  All my children home.  Louis and I look forward to that, on May 9th, when Abby graduates from college and all my children will come to watch this long awaited occasion.      Lisa, making Easter special by making time for Easter egg coloring.  Chad did his part by blowing out the eggs.  Aubrey, came for dinner Saturday night which was a treat to have him here and see him doing so well.  Chad gave us beautiful after dinner music and Kyle and Gaege, well what can a grandmother say, but that I am so proud of them!

Nana, was remarkable.  Feeding 27 Easter guest with a wonderful home made meal is no easy task.   The Easter egg hunt was fun especially having a floppy eared hunter .                                       Chad and Casey decided to tackle the gutters and spectators had fun watching the process.  All in all, the day was great and we are thankful to have another great day on Church Street.  Thank you, Mom

Monday, April 6, 2009

First night in Queen's room

Maybe, it is not like Elizabeth's bedroom, but we are calling it the Queen's room and She came to spend her first night, We hope she enjoys her country estate and will return often.